Terms & Conditions of Compare Real Estate Agents

The following terms and conditions are effective since September 20, 2017 and may be modified without notice. Updated on 2021-07-08

In short, Compare Real Estate Agents, the “Service”, is committed to the 6 following principles:

  • Give a 100% free service without obligation for users
  • Make the service available throughout the province of Quebec
  • Select professional real estate agents as partners only
  • Ensure users data confidentiality
  • Offer a fast service: receive quotes in 12 to 24 hours max
  • Our goal is to save you by comparing and get the brokerage service based on your needs

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The data you provide is transmitted to partners.
The information you fill in our form are collected, transferred and stored by Compare Real Estate Agents and its partners, in respect of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Our partners are real estate agents, but also companies offering related services like movers, insurers and telecom suppliers.

By giving us your phone number details, you accept to be contacted by our partners even if you are on the National Do Not Call List (DNCL).

When filling the form to receive quotes, you accept to occasionally receiving offers from our partners in related service/product niches. You are free to unsuscribe to those at any moment.


We are not responsible for services rendered.

Although we do all we can to put you in touch with reliable and reputable partners, we can not guarantee their prices and service quality. Compare Real Estate Agents is not liable for damages resulting from a service agreement with our partners.

Compare Real Estate Agents is not part of the contractual agreements between the partner and their clients. None of their clauses to come can bind Compare Real Estate Agents to any obligations.


Real estate agents and users must follow these rules:

  • Respect the laws
  • Give true information
  • Do not create fake quotation requests
  • Do not damage this site’s integrity or security with viruses, spam, etc.


The contents of this site are protected by copyright.

Your information will not be made available to third parties. Similarly, text content and images on this site are property of Compare Real Estate Agents. You must have written approval to use it. Of course, you can share our content on social networks.

And we can add or remove content on https://comparerealestateagents.ca/ without prior notice.

Do you have questions about our terms and conditions? Contact us.