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Are you considering buying an investment property or to buy a new home in Victoriaville or Drummondville? You are certainly in the right place for getting the information you need to start your project.

There is only one way to make sure that your home sale or purchase is successful and that you will get the best value for your money. What’s the secret?  It is really simple – you need a really good broker to handle the biggest financial transaction of your life. In real estate, a real estate broker is the expert that can guarantee your ultimate success.

Have you ever heard of someone who made a huge mistake when buying a house? Chances are high that this individual did not use a good real estate broker.  You can avoid this from happening to you by making sure you have a real estate broker or agent to represent you.

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Compare Brokers from the biggest real estate agencies in Victoriaville and Drummondville

Real Estate Agent Royal Le Page Drummondville and Victoriaville
Real Estate Agent Royal Le Page Drummondville and Victoriaville
Real Estate Agent Royal Le Page Drummondville and Victoriaville
Real Estate Agent Via Capitale Drummondville and Victoriaville
Real Estate Agent Via Capitale Drummondville and Victoriaville
Real Estate Agent Via Capitale Drummondville and Victoriaville
Real Estate Agent Remax Drummondville and Victoriaville
Real Estate Agent Remax Drummondville and Victoriaville
Real Estate Agent Remax Drummondville and Victoriaville
Real Estate Agent Proprio Direct Drummondville and Victoriaville
Real Estate Agent Proprio Direct Drummondville and Victoriaville
Real Estate Agent Proprio Direct Drummondville and Victoriaville

Buying or selling a property is an important transaction that should not be done carelessly. You can easily find a good real estate broker to help you anywhere you are in Drummondville or Victoriaville using our free Broker Comparator.

acheter ou vendre sa maison-a drummondville victoriaville

Why do you need a real estate agent to buy or sell a house in Drummondville?

 In 2022, the real estate market in Center-du-Quebec, particularly in Drummondville and Victoriaville, experienced a shorter selling time for single-family homes recently.

But this also means that competition is stiff as buyers look for houses to buy and compare prices and features with a more discriminating eye.

By teaming up with a real estate agent in Drummondville or Victoriaville, you also increase your chances of selling your house faster and for a higher price.  Because your broker will endeavor to make the entire process as smooth and stress-free for you as possible, you will also experience a pleasant and enjoyable real estate experience.

  • Increased visibility from the many resources that real estate brokers enjoy.
  • A professional marketing expert to organize home viewings and entertain potential buyers.
  • A valuable network, including interior designers, building inspectors, reliable lawyers, etc.
  • Increased opportunity of maximizing the price of your home or lowering the price of the house you want to buy. Real estate agents negotiate for you. They also have all the tools to enhance the appeal of your property and negotiate the selling price.
  • A professional that is skilled at handling the paperwork required for the purchase or sale of a property. You can say good-bye to tedious paperwork.
  • Expertise within your reach at all stages of your real estate project.
  • Transparency and integrity in handling your project as required by the Real Estate Brokerage Act.

Fill-out our short online request form to take advantage of our free broker comparison. We assure you that you will be contacted only by the finest real estate brokers in Drummondville to offer their services.


Pointers to Consider before hiring the finest real estate broker in Drummondville

You don’t have to be selling a mansion to hire the finest real estate broker in Drummondville. No matter if you are selling a condo, a duplex, or a single-family home, you deserve to get the best price for your house.

Finding a broker or a real estate agent who will meet your needs in the Center-du-Quebec region, in Drummondville and the surrounding areas is a lot easier than you think!
Below are important tips you can use for evaluating and choosing the best real estate broker for your home sale or purchase.

  1. Back-check your real estate broker in Drummondville.
    You can confirm the reputation of a real estate broker or agent in Drummondville via the OACIQ.  It is the organization that regulates the real estate industry in Quebec.  You can check if a broker or agent is licensed and has the requisite insurance.
  2. Make sure your broker understands your needs and goals.
    Many agents and brokers specialize in a particular type of home or a particular area. When looking for the right broker or agent, make sure you know what type of property you desire such as a condo or a duplex.  Ask potential brokers how many such properties they have sold or bought in your area in the last 6 months.
  3. Formulate plans based on your:
    1. Budget (how much you can afford)
    2. Turn-key, condo fees, income property, price
    3. Location and size

Thus, when the time comes to discuss with potential real estate agents in the area of Victoriaville or Drummondville, you will know how to express your needs from the very start.

courtier immobilier à drummondville

You and your Broker Must Be a Perfect Match

You and your broker will be working closely together regarding your real estate project. You will be disclosing to your broker personal details such as finances, future needs, and goals.  You will be asking for his advice almost at every stage of the transaction.  Thus, it is critical that you feel comfortable with your broker and confident in his abilities.

Aside from comparing commission rates and experience, it is also important to make sure you and your broker are a perfect match.


Pay attention to the following details:

  • ✓ His ability to understand and discuss with empathy and professionalism
  • ✓ His work schedule and when he can be contacted
  • ✓ His commission rate
  • ✓ His ability to answer your questions
  • ✓ His track record (how many homes he has sold and bought recently)
  • ✓ His reputation (obtain references from previous clients)
  • ✓ His marketing and negotiation skills

Of course you may have other preferences but these details are very important.


Negotiating the sale price of a house

Have you been looking at houses for sale and being blown away by how expensive they are?

Some home buyers end up paying too much for a house because they fall in love with it and don’t really know how to evaluate its fair market value.

It can often be difficult and frustrating to assess whether the home you are thinking of buying is sold at a good price or if the seller is asking too much. What is the best way to know if a house is sold for more than its fair market value? Is it possible to negotiate the sale price of a house that you find too expensive?

You may not be able to do it on your own but a real estate broker most certainly can.

First of all, when it comes to finding the right property to buy, a real estate broker knows how to search based on your budget and your preferences. He has access to all the listings in your desired area and has a wide network of other real estate agents with properties to sell, some of them not even listed yet.


How to Tell if a House is Overpriced

Are you seriously considering buying a house you liked? Before you do, it is best to check if the selling price is fair.

  • The most effective way to check on the selling price of a house is through a home appraiser. It would cost about $350 to get a full report but it will let you see the exact condition of the property and the fair market value.A home buyer is strongly advised to get a pre-purchase appraisal from a reputable home appraiser.
  • Take a look at the municipal valuation! Even if the market value and the appraisal value are not always the same, it can help you to see if the seller has fixed his price according to the municipal value.
  • Visit the neighborhood and look at the number of properties for sale. You can even talk with some neighbors to see if they know anything about homes for sale in the area.

But the easiest and reliable way to determine if the selling price is fair would be to work with a real estate broker. He has access to statistics and sales data in the area and would know how much similar properties have sold recently. He can tell you quite easily whether the price is fair in a matter of minutes and free of charge!

In case the property you would love to buy is overpriced, your broker will work hard to get the best price for it on your behalf.  With his excellent communication and negotiation skills, he will negotiate and make an offer for the house that benefits you as well as the seller.  He can save you thousands of dollars and you don’t even need to pay him a dime.


Frequently Asked Questions about Drummondville Real Estate

Whether you are a seller or home buyer, you surely have a few questions you want answers to.

We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions about buying or selling real estate in Drummondville.


What is the average home price in Drummondville?

As of 2022, the average home price in Drummondville is $280,000.


What is the average size of homes for sale in Drummondville?

Houses for sale in Drummondville are pretty diverse. There are 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom homes for sale as well as bigger ones with 3 to 5 bedrooms.


What is the population density of Drummondville?

Statistics show that population density in Drummondville is 29.1 per square kilometer.


How much is the average commission rate of real estate agents in Drummondville?

Like most of Quebec, real estate agents or brokers in Drummondville may charge from 3 to 5% commission.  Commission rates are not fixed and can vary depending on a broker or agent’s experience, reputation, track record, and the type of property being sold.


Can I buy a house without a broker in Drummondville?

Yes, you can buy a house without a broker in Drummondville. You can check listings online or visit open houses on your own. However, it is not prudent to do so because in every home purchase a lot of money is at stake. You need buyer’s protection which is only offered by a licensed and qualified real estate broker.


Set the Right Selling Price for your Property

Determining the right selling price is a big challenge for most home sellers.  How do you set the right selling price and who should you trust to help you?  There are 2 fail-proof ways to determine the best selling price that would appeal to home buyers.

  • Hire a home appraiser. This real estate professional can accurately determine fair market value through an actual inspection of the home. He is a qualified professional whose services could cost from $300 to $500.
  • Work with a real estate broker. Your broker can assist you with setting the right selling price for your property.  He has access to sales data of homes in the area similar to yours.  He also knows how much buyers would be willing to pay for your house.  His services are free until such time when your house is sold and you pay the commission fee.

The selling price is critical because it will turn off buyers when it is too high or too low.  Team up with the best broker in Drummondville for selling your house to take advantage of his expertise in all areas of real estate selling.

To determine the selling price of your home in Victoriaville or Drummondville, take the time to consult with either an appraiser or a real estate broker. This could allow you to sell much faster and target the right price of your home.


Buy a house in Victoriaville: House or Condo?


Are you torn between buying a house or a condo? Families love single-family homes because they offer a lot of space. Homes will never go out of style, and the real estate market for this type of home is very stable.

Yet, condos are becoming more popular among younger buyers. Their modern lifestyles and advantageous location appeal to millennials and young couples. Popularity of condos in Quebec continues to rise especially since they are more affordable.

However, it will be interesting to see if this popularity will continue through time. It is important to understand that when you buy a house, you have to consider your long-term needs of about 5-7 years at least if you want your home purchase to be profitable. Be a wise buyer and take the time to sit down and establish your goals in the short, medium and long term.

Our Real Estate Partners Are Available Everywhere in Drummondville or Victoriaville

Our real estate broker partners serve all areas of Drummondville and Victoriaville.

Whether you plan to buy or sell a house here, their services will greatly benefit you and ensure you make a profitable sale or purchase.

Drummondville Warwick Princeville Daveluyville
Victoriaville Asbestos Plessisville
Saint-Wenceslas Saint-Germain-de-Grantham Kingsey Falls


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Compare Real Estate Agents has partnered with reputable real estate experts whose reputation is second to none. All our agents and brokers are highly-qualified and insured, guaranteeing the safety of your transaction and the quality of their services.

Would you like to buy or sell your home with the help of a professional? Save valuable time by entrusting your home sale or purchase to the experts.

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Top Real Estate Agencies in Drummondville and Victoriaville

You may be wondering which real estate agencies are the biggest in Drummondville and Victoriaville.

Refer to our list below for your consideration.

Via Capitale Centre-Du-Québec Victoriaville
121 Boulevard des Bois Francs S, QC G6P 4S4
Tél. : (819) 758-5258
RE/MAX Elite
500 Rue Notre-Dame Est, QC G6P 4B5
Tél. : (819) 758-6441
Christian Couture Proprio Direct Victoriaville
173 Rue Saint Jean Baptiste, QC G6P 4G4
Tél. : (819) 350-2000
Royal Lepage Drummondville
450 Rue Saint-Pierre, QC J2C 3W1
Tél. : (819) 474-3134
Via Capitale Drummondville
510 Rue Lindsay, QC J2B 1H1
Tél. : (819) 474-4111
RE/MAX Drummondville
1215 Boulevard Saint-Joseph, QC J2C 2C8
Tél. : (819) 477-5444

It takes too much time and effort to check out these agencies one by one to look for a great real estate broker or agent.

The quicker and more convenient way to compare brokers is to use our free online broker comparator. In just 2 minutes, you can fill-out the request form and receive 3 proposals from real estate brokers, free of charge and with no obligation.

Want a stress-free and profitable real estate transaction? Compare top brokers in your area and benefit from expert and reliable real estate services for buying or selling a house in Drummondville.


Buying or selling a property has a direct impact on your budget and your quality of life. This is why it is so important to have the right person assisting you. Use our service to find a real estate professionnal who truly meets your expectations.

Compare 3 Real Estate Agents

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