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Want to know about current home listings in Longueuil? If you are looking to buy a house, a good real estate agent can help you find the right one for you.

Buying a house is a huge financial and emotional investment.  When you have the right broker by your side, you have peace of mind that you are making the right decision.


  • Find the property in your desired neighborhood that you can afford
  • Arrange for you to see ideal properties for sale based on your needs
  • Negotiate the price with sellers so you can save time and money
  • Assist with closing the sale
  • Refer other experts for home inspection, real estate lawyer, or mortgage broker

By filling-out a quick online form, you will receive 3 free proposals from real estate brokers to help with buying a house.

As a home buyer, you get all these advantages without paying a real estate agent commission.

Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Broker

Whether you are buying a house or selling a property, it is important that you have a real estate professional working for you.

While there is no legal requirement to hire a real estate agent, the complexity and serious implications of buying or selling a house are too important to leave to chance.

Real estate agents possess the following qualifications for real estate transactions:

  • Proper training and licensing
  • Good knowledge of the real estate market, including local market trends and prices
  • Expertise in marketing houses for sale online where buyers look for homes
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Pleasing personality
  • Experience and a good reputation

Whether you are buying a first home or buying an income property, the expertise of a real estate broker is invaluable.  More importantly, a real estate broker can advise you whether the property you desire to buy is priced correctly and help you make the right offer.



Compare Brokers from the Biggest Real Estate Agencies in Longueuil


Real Estate Agent Royal Le Page Longueuil
Real Estate Agent Royal Le Page Longueuil
Real Estate Agent Royal Le Page Longueuil
Real Estate Agent Via Capitale Longueuil
Real Estate Agent Via Capitale Longueuil
Real Estate Agent Via Capitale Longueuil
Real Estate Agent Remax Longueuil
Real Estate Agent Remax Longueuil
Real Estate Agent Remax Longueuil
Real Estate Agent Proprio Direct Longueuil
Real Estate Agent Proprio Direct Longueuil
Real Estate Agent Proprio Direct Longueuil


It is important to take the time to COMPARE several real estate brokers in Longueuil. What is the best method to do that?  There is no need to waste time on the phone talking to multiple brokers and getting confused with verbal quotes. You can now compare the best brokers in Longueuil with 1 simple form and receive free real estate proposals in less than 2 minutes.



Complete the form below and receive proposals from 3 real estate agents. Compare : Commission, Service and Personality


Advantage of Buying a house in Longueuil

Longueuil is the city-center of the agglomeration of the same name. Including all of its suburbs, the agglomeration of Longueuil is the most urban area of the Monteregie Region and the southern belt of Montreal.


Buy a house to Live and Work in Longueuil

If you wish to work in the higher education sector, you will certainly be able to find the job of your dreams in Longueuil in places such as Édouard-Montpetit CEGEP, the l’école nationale d’aérotechnique, or in one or the other five (5) private colleges or four (4) satellite campuses.

If you are looking for a job in the aerospace sector, you can find job opportunities in the Longueuil agglomeration at Pratt & Whitney Canada (engines), at Bombardier the Canadian Space Agency or at Héroux-Devtek Inc.

You can also find your next health care job at the Charles-LeMoyne Hospital in Greenfield Park, the Pierre Boucher Hospital in Longueuil and their respective health and social services centers (CSSS), or the Alliance of Professional and Technical Personnel in Health and Social Services (APTS).

The electric transport sector is not outdone thanks to companies like Varitron in Saint-Hubert, Lito Green Motion (electric motorcycle) in Longueuil and Adatel (design of critical electronic equipment) located in Saint-Hubert.

The Agropur Dairy cooperative in Saint-Hubert and the UPA (Union des producteurs agricoles du Québec) also offer many jobs that benefit residents of Longueuil and the region.


How to Buy a Home in Longueuil

Want to know if you can afford to buy a house in Longueuil? The very first step a home buyer must do is to get a mortgage expert to tell you how much you can borrow.

You can get a mortgage pre-approval online to help determine your price range.  Keep in mind that you need to set aside your down-payment (recommended at 20% of the selling price) so you can plan your finances.

Longueuil continues to have many choices for real estate investors.

A good and experienced real estate broker can really help you identify the best properties available in the market within your price range and help you purchase your home at the best price.

If you need help finding the right property to buy, hire a real estate broker to get you the best home deal.


Longueuil real estate brokers know the region

Work is not everything there is in life.  Real estate agents in Longueuil can help you find the best places with a wide range of activities and natural charms for a higher quality of life.

They will surely boast the qualities of the two (2) national parks (Mont Saint-Bruno and Îles-de-Boucherville), 250 km of bike paths (including a stretch of the Route Verte), numerous public markets (including a vineyard), a well-represented 17th century architectural heritage, numerous festivals and numerous water activities (blue route, nautical station, various marinas, river shuttles, boat launching ramps, rowing club).

Indeed, Longueuil offers more affordability for housing while having plenty of amenities and attractions to keep life interesting.


What is the profile of the ideal real estate broker in Longueuil?

Not all real estate brokers are equal. There are those that outperform others and deliver outstanding services to their clients. The goal of Compare Real Estate Agents is to allow you to find the best brokers offering the most advantageous quotes.

We present to you the profile of the ideal real estate broker in Longueuil in order to help you compare them more efficiently. The broker you want possesses most or all of the following traits:

  • An extraordinary level of motivation
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the local real estate markets
  • Excellent inter-personal and negotiating skills
  • Knowledge of the real estate laws and processes
  • Marketing expertise using cutting-edge tools such as: HD photos, videos, virtual tours, etc.)
  • Insightful and provides accurate advice
  • He is confident, a good speaker and inspires confidence
  • He has a solid knowledge in property valuation and will tell you what is the optimal selling price of your property
  • Organized and strategic in his approach to selling your home



Selling a house is far from easy.  In fact, it requires technical knowledge and skills.  If you decide to sell a house and price it incorrectly, the house could take a long time to sell or not sell at all.

A qualified and experienced real estate broker can:

  • Assess the home and its condition
  • Help determine the right selling price
  • Represent the seller with any potential buyer
  • Market the property to a wide audience to sell quickly
  • Negotiate and facilitate between the seller and the buyer
  • Advice the seller about all aspects of the real estate transaction, including how to increase the home’s value and get a higher selling price.

To choose a real estate agent for selling your property, you can prepare questions to ask the agent, including:

  1. Is the real estate agent familiar with the area?
  2. Has he sold any homes in the area?
  3. How does he plan to market the house to buyers?


What are the areas served by real estate agents in the agglomeration of Longueuil?

If you want to sell your home in Longueuil to move away or return to Montreal, you will need the advice and recommendations of real estate brokers from our network. Choosing your broker from among our partners will ensure your success in selling your home in Longueuil and get you the highest price.

Fill-out the short online request form to receive free real estate broker quotes for selling your house.

Upon receiving your information, we will forward it to our real estate broker partners in your area who specialise in the property you desire – single-family home, condo, townhouse, duplex, or income property.

You will quickly receive up to three (3) proposals from real estate brokers who have been selected according to their professionalism, qualifications, quality of service, professional liability insurance, and commission rates.


Simplify the process of selling your property through a real estate broker from our network anywhere in the following areas:

  • ✓ Longueuil
  • ✓ Saint-Lambert
  • ✓ Hubert
  • ✓ Greenfield Park
  • ✓ Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville
  • ✓ Brossard
  • ✓ Boucherville


How real estate agents in Longueuil help with a home sale or purchase

The level of competence of real estate brokers in Saint-Hubert, Saint-Lambert and other municipalities in the agglomeration of Longueuil is high and really benefits buyers and sellers of properties in the region.

As members of one of the 12 real estate boards of Quebec, a licensed broker has access to a good number of digital tools to search for new properties and can really showcase a home for sale.

A real estate broker will use his network of contacts – financial advisor, mortgage broker, notary, building inspector- to assist you and make your real estate transaction as smooth as possible.


Buying a house without a broker? You may be making a big mistake…


Are you one of those home buyers who want to take care of everything? If not, you need help from a professional real estate broker for your home purchase.  Buying a house requires a lot of time and effort as well as solid knowledge about the real estate market and processes. You don’t need to take on all the work, especially if you don’t really have the time and don’t know much about real estate.

Yes, you can simply team up with a real estate broker to save time and money. Buyers without broker representation end up making colossal mistakes in judgement. They end up paying too much for a house, losing out on a great buy because someone else snapped it up, or regretting the purchase.  In fact, you don’t need to take any risks because a professional real estate broker’s services are absolutely free for home buyers!

By teaming up with a broker, you can avoid many mistakes that could cost you a lot of money later on.  Your broker can help you to find your dream home much faster, make a good offer and negotiate the best price, and ensure the successful transfer of ownership to you. A broker can also help you obtain other real estate services you will need such as mortgage financing, legal services, home insurance, and more.


Choosing between a Condo VS single-family home in Longueuil

If you’re hesitating between buying a condo and a single-family home, know that it’s a decision you need to make based on several factors, including price, your current needs, future needs, and your lifestyle.

Indeed, living in a condo won’t be the same as living in a single-family home. The cost will also not be the same.  Here are some features on each of these types of properties.

Condo in Longueuil: Condos are becoming more and more popular in Quebec, especially among young buyers and retirees. The lifestyle is reminiscent of a hotel, the often new character of the units and the advantageous location of the buildings, attract buyers looking for mobility and convenience.

In Longueuil, the median price of a condo in 2017 was $210,000, and the selling time was around 127 days.

Single family home in Longueuil: The single-family home is, by far, the most popular type of property. It is easy to understand why since it offers bigger space, privacy, land, and flexibility to expand in the future. If you want to own a house in Longueuil, you will need about $ 300,000 since the median price in 2017 was $ 295,000. The selling time was about 74 days.



Buying a house in Longueuil: what are the ratios used by lenders?

If you are a future buyer in Longueuil and have not applied for a mortgage loan, know that the world of mortgage financing can be quite complicated. Many young buyers are wondering what banks look at when they assess a buyer’s borrowing capacity.

Lenders usually look at two simple ratios: the ABD and the ATD. What are these two ratios? In fact, these are ratios of qualifications that allow lenders to compare a person’s income against their debts. Here is a summary of the two ratios that all lenders will calculate with you when you visit them to buy a house, condo, semi-detached, etc.


Total Debt Service (TDS)

The TDS ratio is the percentage of your income required to pay all of your debts. This includes your auto loan payments, credit cards, and any other loans or fixed financial obligations.  The average TDS ratio is around 42%.  This means your loans should not exceed 42% of your income.

Want to know what your TDS ratio is?  Add up all of your monthly debts, divide it by your gross monthly salary, multiply it by 100, and you now have your TDS ratio.

Gross Debt Service (GDS)

The GDS ratio is the percentage of your income required to service your housing costs monthly, including the principal, interest, tax, and PITH. If you are buying a condo, you have to add 50% of the condo fees.  Most lenders follow an industry standard of 35% which means your GDS must be lower than 35% to be qualified for mortgage financing.

To compute your GDS ratio, add up all of your housing costs, divide the figure by your gross monthly salary, and multiply it by 100.

Your real estate broker can help you find a mortgage broker to assist with your mortgage requirements.


Quick Facts About Real Estate Agent Commissions

In the real estate industry, real estate agents only get paid if a property sells.  This means your real estate agent will work very hard to sell a property in order to earn his commission.

Sellers pay real estate agent commissions that range from 3% to 7% depending on the location.  Out of this commission, the seller’s real estate agent gets his fees as well as the buyer’s agent, if any.

Whether the property takes a month or two to sell, the agent’s commission remains the same.  This further ensures that your agent will do his utmost to sell your house as quickly as possible for the highest price possible.

To give you a better idea of real estate commission rates, below is a table of average commission rates per province:

Province Average Commission Rate
Quebec 5%
Ontario 5%
British Columbia 7% on the first $100,000
3% on the remaining amount
Saskatchewan 5%
Alberta 7% on the first $100,000
3% on the remaining amount
New Brunswick 5%
Nova Scotia 5%


Real estate agents disclose their commission rates during discussion with the client.  When you choose an agent to sell your house, you will be provided with a listing agreement which includes:

  • ✓ The percentage fee for the real estate agent’s services
  • ✓ Services included in the fee
  • ✓ The percentage fee for the buyer’s agent (usually 2.5%)

It is best to have a candid discussion with your real estate agent about the inclusions of the real estate package.

Compare commissions, services, and your personal criteria by requesting 3 free proposals from real estate brokers.


Key Points About the real estate market in Longueuil

According to the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards, 2017 is characterized by stability in terms of selling prices. They are not expected to increase by more than 1%.

In addition, no major changes are announced with respect to interest rates, with the exception of a very slight increase of around 0.25 to 0.5% by mid-2017.

Sales of residential properties in the Longueuil region, as elsewhere in the Montreal region, increased by 5% compared to the number of homes sold in 2015, when it comes to single-family residence, condominium, bungalow, and semi-detached.

This is the second consecutive time that an increase in the number of houses sold is felt in Saint-Bruno, Saint-Hubert, Greenfield Park, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville following four (4) periods of decline between 2011 and 2014.

Compared to other regions in Canada, average home prices in Longueuil remain affordable and home sales continue to rise as with other parts of the Montreal area.


The Top Real Estate Agencies in Longueuil – Find your Best Real Estate Partner

Some buyers and sellers prefer to use conventional ways for finding a real estate broker – picking-up the phone and calling each agency in Longueuil to obtain information.

There is nothing wrong with that if you want to spend hours on the phone with real estate agencies.  There is, however, the risk of missing important points when you compare brokers you speak to or even failing to consider skilled candidates who weren’t available at the time you called.

To give you a quick glimpse of real estate agencies that are active in Longueuil, refer to the list below with contact information for each agency.

RE/MAX Imagine
1660 Chemin du Tremblay, QC J4N 1E1
Tél. : (450) 651-4000
Zone, Agence Immobilière
1290 Boul. Roland-Therrien # 201, QC J4J 5H4
Tél. : (450) 679-3011
RE/MAX Imagine
61 Rue Saint-Charles O, Bur. 100, QC J4H 1C5
Tél. : (450) 651-8331
Groupe Garcia & Lapierre
2398 Boul. Marie-Victorin #202, QC J4G 1B6
Tél. : (450) 286-4666
Olga Ouspenski – Courtier immobilier
115 Rue Saint-Charles Ouest, QC J4H 1C7
Tél. : (450) 651-1079
Kim de Montignac Courtier Immobilier
436 Rue Prévost, QC J4J 1H5
Tél. : (514) 794-8331


You can skip the tedious process of speaking to multiple agencies on the phone and repeating your information. You can save time and effort by using our simple broker comparator. Fill-out a short online request form and we will search for the most qualified brokers in your area.

You will receive 3 real estate proposals from the finest Longueuil real estate brokers, free of charge and without commitment!

Frequently Asked Questions about Real Estate in Longueuil

If you are embarking on selling your property or buying a property in Longueuil, we are sure that you have some questions.  We want to help you plan your real estate project so we have prepared some answers to most common questions about real estate in Longueuil for your reference.

What are the advantages of living in Longueuil?

Longueuil is a huge city with a vast territory. Located directly on the other side of the river opposite the Island of Montreal, it is one of the cities on the South Shore closest to the city center.

Longueuil is a dynamic city with many neighborhoods of different characters offering distinctive amenities to people from all kinds of lifestyles.  It also offers many employment opportunities for everyone.


What is the median price of a single-family home in Longueuil?

The median price of a single-family home in Longueuil is $305,000. Longueuil is generally known to be a fairly affordable city for home buyers.


What is the median price of a condo in Longueuil?

The median price of a condo in Longueuil is $205,000, almost $100,000 less than a house. Condos are affordable options for those on a smaller budget but still want a convenient location.


Is it necessary to buy a house in Longueuil with a broker?

There are many advantages to buying a house with a broker in Longueuil.  Actually, there are no disadvantages because broker’s services are 100% free for buyers and makes your real estate transaction more convenient and stress-free. In addition, you can save money when you hire a broker because he can help you negotiate the sale price of your desired property.

While you are not legally required to hire a broker, it is most advisable to ensure you invest your money safely and wisely.


How long does it take to sell a house in Longueuil?

Of course, the time it takes to sell your house depends on factors such as the location, condition of the house, and your asking price. However, the average selling time for a house in Longueuil is 75 days which is fairly good compared to other parts of the country.


How long does it take to sell a condo in Longueuil?

The average selling time for a condo in Longueuil is 115 days, which is fairly standard.


How far is Longueuil from downtown Montreal?

It usually takes about 20 minutes to get from Longueuil to downtown Montreal. Of course, travel time may vary depending on your exact location in one of these points, but it is extremely short compared to many cities on the South Shore of Montreal.


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Choosing the real estate broker to handle your real estate transaction is an important step. You will want to make sure you work with a broker you trust and who can make your project as profitable as possible.

We want to make it easy for you to connect with the best real estate brokers to help with your real estate transaction.

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Buying or selling a property has a direct impact on your budget and your quality of life. This is why it is so important to have the right person assisting you. Use our service to find a real estate professionnal who truly meets your expectations.

Compare 3 Real Estate Agents

Complete the form below and receive proposals from 3 real estate agents. Compare : Commission, Service and Personality