10 Best Questions Every Home Seller Must Ask a Real Estate Agent

23 février 2017,

Find out the best agent for your project

An experienced real estate agent can help sell your home at the best possible price. But not all agents are created equal.

Unfortunately, it can be tough to find a good real estate agent, especially if it is your first experience selling your home.

The ideal real estate agent is someone who is professional and understands the market, is ethical and trustworthy, listens to you and addresses your concerns, and is your team mate during the entire project.

Here are 10 important questions to ask when looking for the best real estate agent in Quebec.

  1. How long have you been in real estate?

In this industry, experience is important. But it also doesn’t mean that the agent with the most number of years in the trade is necessarily the best.

You must look for someone who has sufficient experience to handle all aspects of your property sale, and is also innovative and motivated in finding a buyer for your property.

  1. Are you a full-time or part-time real estate agent?

It is fair to ask, as full-time agents are more likely to devote all their time and attention to the project, without being distracted by other activities.

Availability is really a key element in real estate. You need your agent to be available for you, when you need advice or want to know how things evolve. But you mostly want your agent to answer the phone calls of potential buyers at all times, and to accomodate their schedule so they can visit your home at their convenience (and yours!).

  1. How many properties have you sold in this area lately?

You want to find an agent with a good track record in your neighborhood, preferably for properties similar to yours. An agent who has sold at least 5 properties in the last year for a similar type and price would be a good choice.

  1. What is a good selling price for my property?

Real estate agents will give you a sale price they believe is realistic. Some may quote a high price just to get you to sign up with them. It is good to ask them for the recommended listing price based on recent sales of similar properties in your area.

  1. How long will it take to find a buyer?

No agent can give you a precise answer, but this question will allow you to see how knowledgeable your agent is about the current market and how he or she plans to sell the property. It is important to check the marketing track record of the agent by looking at past listings, virtual tours created (if any), and even at the quality of the photos he uses to promote your house. Keep in mind that online visibility has become increasingly important for buyers.

  1. How many buyers and sellers are you representing right now?

Some may argue that an agent with too many clients may not pay enough attention to their own project. But in contrast, an agent with too few clients may not have the necessary network and experience. Best tip: the busiest agents, as a rule of thumb, are the most productive.

  1. How much will it cost me to sell my property?

You definitely want to know how the agent plans to handle marketing fees. Will you need to pay for any ads or home staging costs? Find out what services are included in his commission.

  1. Is your commission negotiable?

You don’t really want a cheap real estate agent but you want to know how the agent earns his keep. Good agents don’t usually discount their fees because they are confident about what they bring to the table. This is a good opportunity to test the agent’s negotiating skills.

  1. How will you communicate with me?

Sellers usually have expectations about the frequency of communication from their agent. This is a good time to specify your preference (phone, text, email). You can verify what the agent tells you based on how he or she has communicated with you so far. If responses to emails or phone calls have been delayed, it is unlikely to change after you sign the agent up.

  1. Can you provide references from you clients?

Qualified professionals will always be happy to provide references. It is better to ask for references from the agents’ most recent transactions rather than letting him choose only his most favorable references. This will let you see a more balanced picture of the agent’s performance and reputation.

Where to Find the Best Quebec Real Estate Agents

Choosing your agent is a critical decision in the home-buying or selling process. It is, perhaps, the biggest financial decision you will ever make and you need the right person to guide you.

There are many real estate professionals out there, maybe even 1 or 2 from your own social circle. It is important, however, to work with someone who will treat the transaction as professionally as possible. You must feel comfortable about disclosing your personal and financial information. Most importantly, your agent must be someone you can disagree with or even fire if you are not satisfied.

With over 170 licensed and professional Quebec real estate professionals, you can easily find the best real estate agent from our network.

Look for the most qualified agent to represent you in finding your dream home or selling your valuable property at the best price.


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