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Whether you are a newbie in the real estate industry or a well-established real estate agent, leads from buyers and sellers are critical.

Every day, real estate agents and brokers compete for listings, look for potential buyers or sellers to represent, and look for opportunities to further expand their market base.

With the real estate industry becoming tougher and over-crowded with thousands of real estate agents, how can one shine and stand out?

Compare Real Estate Agents offer an innovative and totally convenient way to reach home sellers and home buyers.  The distinct advantage stems from the fact that it is the client that makes the first approach to request for free proposals from experienced real estate agents.  You have the perfect opportunity to come up with a unique proposal for selling or buying a property that would impress the client with your services.


Reasons to Join an Online Platform for Generating Leads

It is a known fact that individuals who want to buy or sell a house nowadays first go to the internet for information.  They want to know as much as they can about prices, methods, and choices in real estate agents.

You want to reach these hundreds of individuals who search online for buying or selling a property. And because the service is free for users, they have nothing to fear and will happily take advantage of our free real estate quotes.

We may not be the only platform for generating real estate leads but we are definitely the best and most dedicated.  From ensuring that our website is user-friendly, our content current and informative, and our service fast, individuals will be satisfied with impressive results.


Shine and Impress Real Estate Prospects

Since three real estate agents are competing for the same project, you must make yourself stand out, thus further improving the quality of real estate services offered to consumers.

Customers will compare proposals based on criteria such as personality, track record, experience, and commission rates.

It is up to you to make your presentation as appealing and as beneficial to prospective clients as possible.

You have complete freedom to choose the projects you want to bid for based on your specialization, area, and other preferences.


How much does it cost to become a partner?

The service of Compare Real Estate Agents is 100% free for home sellers or buyers when they obtain free quotes. For real estate agents and brokers participating in the bidding process, we do charge a nominal fee for every bid to ensure that we can continue to provide the same high quality service.

We work non-stop to improve our content to appeal to as many users as possible and make sure we are highly visible online.  We guarantee that you will benefit significantly when you join our network as a partner.

Create your free profile now to become our partner and start generating leads from serious sellers and buyers in your area.

Build your reputation as a great real estate agent using our network and increase your turn-over easily in just a short time.


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Get 5 Free Real Estate Leads