Real Estate Ottawa : How to Find the Best Homes for sale in Ottawa

28 août 2017,

Want to buy a house in Ottawa? Don’t waste time looking at property listings online on your own.

These beautiful homes on various real estate sites will definitely whet your appetite. But before you can even go to look at the property, it may have been snatched up by another buyer.

You see, real estate agents in Ottawa know these properties by heart and can immediately refer their buyers to houses for sale in targeted neighborhoods.  While you are poring over property listings, the best properties in Ottawa for sale may be going by the minute.

To get started on your search for the best homes for sale in Ottawa, look for a great real estate agent to help you.



Real Estate Agents Can Help You Find the Most Ideal Home to Buy

Most people start their property search for the best Ottawa houses for sale on the internet.  Unfortunately, this won’t help you to buy your house successfully.

There’s more to buying real estate than finding a beautiful house within your budget.  You need to make sure that the selling price is the fair market value or you could end up over-paying with your hard earned dollars.

Further, you could be facing competition from other potential buyers.

Real estate agents are well-versed in the ins and outs of buying a home in Ottawa. They know the market very well and have a wide network of other real estate agents and real estate professionals.


A Real Estate Agent Will Steer you to the Best Properties

A Real Estate Agent Will Steer you to the Best Properties

When you hire a real estate agent, he or she will make sure to understand which neighborhood you prefer. If you aren’t sure, he or she will recommend to you the best locations suitable for your needs and budget.

When you locate a property you are interested in, the real estate agent will advise you about the price using market comparables and help you to make a competitive offer.  Market comparables are data related to the most recent property sales in a particular area which is used for determining a fair selling price.

Your real estate agent will skillfully negotiate the home price as well as other conditions related to a home inspection, financing, and other stipulations you may have.


Without an expert to guide you, it is very easy to make mistakes that you could live to regret.  And the best part is that you get expert advice free of charge because home buyers don’t pay for real estate commissions.


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2022 Best Neighborhoods to Buy a House in Ottawa

2017 Best Neighborhoods to Buy a House in Ottawa

This city of museums and other beautiful landmarks boasts of multicultural and diverse neighborhoods reflecting the very best in the country.

Each neighborhood has its distinct character from the Byward District to Somerset Village, Chinatown, and Little Italy.

What are the best neighborhoods to buy a house in the capital city? Below are 10 of the most popular neighborhoods for home buyers.


# 1 –  Beacon Hill North

Beacon Hill North

This is a popular and trendy neighborhood where residents are mostly educated and well-off.  There are not that many restaurants or stores in this area but it is very close to downtown and very peaceful.  You can find homes and condos for sale in this neighborhood with average selling price of around $443,000.


# 2 –  Kanata Lakes and Morgan’s Grant

Kanata Lakes and Morgan’s Grant

Homes in this communities are in high demand.  The area is very popular for the Centrum Shopping Centre.  Situated in the west end of Ottawa, there are several parks and other outdoor recreation easily accessible to residents.  It is predominantly a community of young families with children with homes that are detached or semi-detached on large lots.

As of March 2022, the average price for homes in Kanata Lakes is around $255,000.


# 3 – Nepean


Located in western Ottawa, this large neighborhood features urban and suburban parts, with some already bordering the green belt.  It is near the airport and Algonquin College.  Because it is adjacent to the greenbelt, you will find plenty of hiking/cycling/skiing trails for an active lifestyle.

To drive downtown will take about half an hour while the bus takes some 40 minutes. Average home prices in Nepean are $300,000 for a condo or $525,000 for an average home.


# 4 – Glebe-Dows Lake

Glebe-Dows Lake

Located just south of Centretown, it is a desirable neighborhood for those who want to stay close to downtown. Driving downtown can take as little as 10 minutes.  It is a very well-off area in Ottawa featuring large expensive houses.  Today, you can also find much sought-after lofts and row housing in this popular area.

Home prices in this neighborhood are $475,000 for a condominium and $800,000 for an average home.


# 5 – Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay

Boasting a magnificent view of the Ottawa River, this neighborhood is an ideal choice for home buyers, especially those who want an older population.  There are many outdoor recreational opportunities here with many well-maintained and attractive properties.  This neighborhood is affluent and very peaceful.

The average selling price of homes in this neighborhood is $364,000.


# 6 – Bridlewood and Emerald Meadows

Bridlewood and Emerald Meadows

This is a relatively young neighborhood with many families with small children.  Many of the homes around here are less than 20 years old and in good condition.

The reported average home prices in this neighborhood is $420,000. You can also find some condos in this neighborhood selling for a lower price.


# 7 – Stittsville


This dynamic and family-oriented community located in Ottawa’s western end.  It has a very active community with lots of opportunities for recreation such as hiking trails and golf.

You can expect to pay around $500,000 for an average home in Stittsville.


# 8 – Hunt Club Woods – Quintarra

Hunt Club Woods – Quintarra

This neighborhood is proud of its culturally diverse population.  Quite peaceful, with almost no crime and homes in very good condition, it is a very good choice for home buyers in Ottawa.

Nature lovers will be pleased with its beautiful scenery and proximity to the Rideau River.

In Ottawa’s south end, homes in this neighborhood are a bit high, averaging at $760,000.


# 9 – Riverside South Leitrim

Riverside South Leitrim

Over the past few years, this neighborhood has seen rapid development.  Many young families have settled in this neighborhood.

This area is quite ideal for families due to its easy access to the waterfront, parks and nature.  It is expected that this neighborhood will be a major community close to Manotick in the coming years. It is indeed a perfect investment for home buyers.


# 10 – Island Park

Island Park

This beautiful neighborhood is elegance and class. Featuring gorgeous mansions and mature parks, this well-off neighborhood has the Experimental Farm at the south end of the island and the Ottawa River Parkway and Champlain Bridge at the north end.

The average home price in this neighborhood is $687,000.

There are many other great locations in Ottawa to find your ideal property.  You can save on time make it much easier when you work with a real estate agent in Ottawa.

Compare real estate agents today with our short online form and start your home search.  Assess their experience, track record, personality and expertise to suit your own taste.

This service is free and no obligation.  Our partner real estate agents will be happy to find your ideal home to make the experience pleasant and stress-free for you.


Buying or selling a property has a direct impact on your budget and your quality of life. This is why it is so important to have the right person assisting you. Use our service to find a real estate professionnal who truly meets your expectations.

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