Comparison of multiple properties to get the best deal.

Find the biggest deals with foreclosed homes for sale in Quebec

3 février 2023,

Foreclosures have been gaining popularity in Quebec in recent years.  Quebec residents are looking for the best DEALS on the market. This is quite understandable because real estate [...]

Foreclosed properties for sale in Quebec.

List of Foreclosed properties for sale by Desjardins

27 janvier 2023,

In an increasingly competitive real estate market where property prices continue to climb, foreclosures are more in demand than ever. Among the lenders that display the most [...]

Lower home prices with foreclosed properties.

Complete list of foreclosed properties by region in Quebec

26 janvier 2023,

Are you looking for properties for sale at low prices and below market value? Repossessions, or foreclosure sales, offer buyers the opportunity to make a significant profit [...]

Modern condo buildings for sale in Quebec.

Buying a condo vs. single-family home in 2022

9 mars 2022,

Condominiums have become the easiest and most affordable way to achieve home ownership in Quebec. Most young households with limited budgets opt to buy a condo rather [...]

Real estate brokers in Quebec for buying a house or a condo.

Closing Costs for buying a house in Quebec in 2022

9 mars 2022,

If you are planning to buy a house or condo in Quebec, one of the first things you need to understand is closing costs. Closing costs refer [...]

Find the best condo to buy in 2022 with real estate brokers

Buy a condo in 2022 for your home or investment

8 février 2022,

    If you are still renting an apartment in 2022, it may be time to buy a condo for your home or investment. Owning a condo [...]

Understanding options for renting or buying a house in 2022

Renting vs. Buying a Home: Which is better in 2024?

25 janvier 2022,

In North America, 65% of households are homeowners while 35% are tenants. For some people, renting is the easy and affordable option, especially if one lives alone. [...]

Build capital and save on housing costs with a plex

Tips for buying a Multiplex in the Island of Montreal

25 janvier 2022,

Real estate investment has always been one of the best ways to build wealth.  If you are wondering whether you can buy an income property to grow [...]

10 reasons to invest in an income property in Quebec in 2022

25 janvier 2022,

Do you have money that is not growing in your savings account? Are you hoping to build wealth through lucrative investments? Income properties offer great opportunities for [...]

Invest in an income property where you can also live to lower your housing costs and build your wealth.

Investing in real estate by becoming an owner-occupant: a good strategy?

27 septembre 2019,

    Buying an income property can be a very profitable investment in the long run but it can also be difficult to get financing and raise [...]

Invest in real estate by buying your first home in Quebec.

Invest in real estate by buying your first home in Quebec

4 septembre 2019,

Are you finally ready to buy your first property and join the "first buyers" club? If so, congratulations! Buying your first home is often one of the [...]

Longueuil is a great option for homebuyers who need to be close to Montreal

The best neighborhoods to live in Longueuil

15 avril 2019,

Longueuil is, without a doubt, one of the most popular cities in Quebec today! This is not without reason! Indeed, it is located directly on the riverfront [...]

Investing in real estate could generate a great additional income for you and your family

Why investing in real estate can be the ideal investment for families to achieve financial independence

11 avril 2019,

It is the dream of many families to achieve financial independence before retirement age. Some of the most common life goals include being able to enjoy life [...]

Condos are very popular among millennials not only because they offer affordability but also for the lifestyle they offer

The 5 things millennials should know before buying their condo

27 mars 2019,

Condos are popular with young people these days. It is now undeniable that millennials are in love with condos and sales for this type of housing has [...]

There are several subsidy programs for first-time homebuyers in Quebec that can help you realize your dream of home ownership.

What are the best subsidy programs for first-time homebuyers in Quebec?

4 mars 2019,

Buying a first home is something that many young people plan with excitement and even impatience. Nevertheless, many of them struggle with preparing the down payment necessary [...]

Find out the requirements for taking out a mortgage to buy a house for self-employed workers.

Buying a home as a self-employed person: CMHC makes it easier to access mortgages!

5 février 2019,

Are you a self-employed individual who has always dreamed of being able to buy your own house? Well, your dream has become a little easier to achieve [...]

Which are the best neighborhoods to live in Montreal?

The best neighborhoods to live in Montreal

28 décembre 2018,

Montreal is a city par excellence in Quebec. It is the center of economic activities in the province and is a magnet for millions of tourists each [...]

Stop missing out on the best income properties for sale by working with a real estate broker in Gatineau.

Real estate investors in Gatineau: Why are the most profitable income properties out of your reach?

12 décembre 2018,

Are you a real estate investor looking for the next «DEAL» in Gatineau? You see your competitors acquire very profitable buildings that you have never seen on [...]


Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a Plex as a Home or Investment

22 février 2018,

Are you considering a plex to be your home or as an investment?  Buying a plex is a lot like buying a house. But unlike a single-family [...]


Real Estate Ottawa : How to Find the Best Homes for sale in Ottawa

28 août 2017,

Want to buy a house in Ottawa? Don’t waste time looking at property listings online on your own. These beautiful homes on various real estate sites will [...]

Real Estate Montreal – How to find the best homes for Sale in Montreal

25 août 2017,

Are you poring over houses for sale online in search of the perfect home to buy? You could be wasting a lot of time. Homes for sale [...]

Most Common Home Defects that Homebuyers should look for

4 août 2017,

Buying a house is a huge investment. It doesn’t matter if it is a modest one that needs fixing or recently built, it is important to get [...]


Buying a Home in Canada – How much income do home buyers need?

19 mai 2017,

Canada’s housing market, especially in cities like Vancouver and Toronto, continues to enjoy soaring prices.  According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the national average home price [...]

First-time Homebuyers: Proven Tips for buying the ideal house and avoid classic mistakes

3 avril 2017,

Canada boasts of one of the highest rates of home ownership in the world.  Statistics show that 1 out of 3 families in Canada own their house. [...]

Bring Down a Home Price with Best Negotiation Tips for Home Buyers

27 mars 2017,

When you are looking to buy a house, you surely want to get the best price and terms.  In real estate, price is king as home buyers [...]

To Rent or Buy a House – Pros and Cons of Home Ownership

24 mars 2017,

Should I continue to rent or buy a house?  This question plagues many Canadians who struggle with the pros and cons of renting vs. buying a house. [...]

The Essential Guide to Buying a Condo in Quebec

7 mars 2017,

Rising home prices have brought condo living into the mainstream, especially for younger families.  In 2014 alone, developers built a total of 7,886 condo units in downtown [...]

7 Winning Reasons a Home Buyer Needs a Buyer’s Agent

21 février 2017,

You are planning to buy your first home and have started browsing the internet for interesting properties for sale. Do you need to have a real estate [...]

8 Common Mistakes You Want to Avoid When Buying A Home

15 février 2017,

  Investing in a first home can be overwhelming and stressful. It is, perhaps, one of the most important decisions you will ever need to make.  It [...]


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