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31 janvier 2023,
Know the top real estate brokers in Canada.

RE/MAX is a household name that needs no introduction. Ranked among the best real estate brokerages, it is the favorite of Canadian home buyers and sellers. With more than 4,000 real estate brokers in the province of Quebec, the vast RE/MAX network ensures great visibility.

In fact, the RE/MAX family is one of the most admired companies in the industry. Popular and successful, its well-deserved recognition is due to its high quality of standards. 

Recognized internationally in North America and across Canada, some brokers stand out as being among the best in the country.

Are you curious to know the RE/MAX teams that rank among the best in Canada? Today, we present the Top 50!

Top 50 RE/MAX real estate brokers in Canada in 2024

Buying or selling a property is one of the most important transactions you will make in your life. 

Most certainly, you need to have the best representation to increase the visibility of your property or to be able to find the home of your dreams. 

Offering continuous support, and unparalleled and exemplary service, RE/MAX is undoubtedly a brand you can trust.  We have listed 50 of the best residential real estate brokers in Canada for your reference.

#1. Jad Sandhu | RE/MAX West Realty

Kleinburg, Ontario, CA

Jad Sandhu knows firsthand how real estate transactions can change lives. After a decade in the real estate brokerage industry, he has transformed his business into a veritable empire. His perseverance, dedication, and constant effort have put him at the top of the rankings.  

Crédit photo : Jad Sandhu

#2. Faisal Susiwala | RE/MAX Twin City Faisal Susiwala Realty

Cambridge, Ontario, CA

Joining the real estate industry in 1988, Faisal worked hard to become one of the top performers in the country. If that isn’t enough, he also ranks 2nd in the world in the RE/MAX network.

Crédit photo : Faisal Susiwala

#3. Wendy Zheng | RE/MAX Realtron Wendy Zheng Realty

Toronto, Ontario, CA

Since joining the real estate industry, Wendy has won year after year of recognition for her outstanding performance. In the real estate market, her eagle eye has allowed her to close over 1000 transactions.

Crédit photo : Wendy Zheng

#4. Mani Batoo | RE/MAX Real Estate Center

Toronto, Ontario, CA

A broker for over 12 years, Mani is the recipient of several prestigious awards. His dedication and commitment have made him one of the top brokers in the Toronto area.

Crédit photo : Mani Batoo

#5. Alexander J. Wilson | RE/MAX Wealth Builders Real Estate

Toronto, Ontario, CA

For 9 consecutive years, Alexander has been in the top 1% of condo sellers in the Toronto area. He is a very successful salesman and is also known for his investment skills, having turned $39,300 into $1,000,000.

Crédit photo : Alexander J. Wilson

#6. Claudio Cerrito | RE/MAX Hallmark Realty

Toronto, Ontario, CA

Specializing in townhouse and condo sales, he has been breaking sales records for almost a decade. Passionate about real estate, he also enjoys interior design. Staging his clients’ homes is one of his hobbies. Aside from real estate, Claudio recognizes the importance of giving back to the community and has made it his life’s mission.

Crédit photo : Claudio Cerrito

#7. Onkar Cheema | RE/MAX Gold realty

Brampton, Ontario, CA

Committed to providing the best brokerage services, he takes great pleasure in fulfilling his mandate. Onkar shares with his clients his extensive knowledge of the areas he serves as well as comparisons. Placing your property for sale in a prime position to maximize your profit is his specialty. He stands out in his field because of his sharp negotiation skills.

Crédit photo : Onkar Cheema

#8. Penny Pei | RE/MAX Realtron Lucky Penny Homes Realty

Toronto, Ontario, CA

Attentive to her customers’ needs and very trustworthy, it is obvious that Penny is great choice. Since starting her career, Penny has achieved sales of $300,000,000 in her first 3 years. Working with dedication, innovation and leadership, she consistently exceeds expectations.

Crédit photo : Penny Pei

#9. Phil Spoelstra | RE/MAX Center City Phil Spoelstra Realty

London, Ontario, CA

Specializing in the agricultural real estate sector, Phil has 10 years of experience selling farms, land, ranches, and luxury homes. He has an exceptional track record of success in his specialty.

Crédit photo : Phil Spoelstra

#10. Ravi Kumar Bedi | RE/MAX Gold Realty

Brampton, Ontario, CA

Specializing in the sale of homes and condos, Ravi has built up a track record of success as one of the best in the country.

Crédit photo : Ravi Kumar Bedi

#11. Wassim Ibrahim | RE/MAX 3000

Montréal, Québec, CA

Wassim Ibrahim is the #1 broker in Quebec and has been a part of the Canadian rankings for 2 consecutive years. Climbing rapidly through the ranks, he has earned his place with dedication and diligence. His service will undoubtedly surpass your expectations.

Crédit photo : Wassim Ibrahim

#12. Ron Steenbergen | RE/MAX Center City Realty

London, Ontario, CA

Having been part of the agriculture industry all his life, Ron has a wealth of data and contacts in this field. If you are looking to invest in a business, buy land, a farm, or a ranch, he has the skills to make that happen.

Crédit photo : Ron Steenbergen

#13. Peter Hogeterp | RE/MAX Escarpment Realty

Stoney Creek, Ontario, CA

The son of a German immigrant, he learned the principle of putting effort into his work at an early age. An entrepreneur at heart, Peter recognizes the importance of exceptional customer service. Starting out in real estate after a career change, he quickly built a solid reputation.

Crédit photo : Peter Hogetero

#14. Simon D. Hunt | RE/MAX House of Real Estate

Calgary, Alberta, CA

Focused and proactive, Simon ensures that each transaction is completed on time and according to the client’s needs. Never stop moving is his ultimate secret to success.

Crédit photo : Simon D. Hunt

#15. Claude Vallée | RE/MAX Signature

Boucherville, Québec, CA

For nearly 20 years as a leading specialist in the Boucherville region, Claude has assisted more than 1500 clients in the realization of their real estate projects. Warm, approachable, and professional, he has made it his mission to offer nothing less than a customized service adapted to the needs of each of his clients.

Crédit photo : Claude Vallée

#16. Ranjit Nijjar | RE/MAX Realty Services

Brampton, Ontario, CA

Ranjit is known for his professionalism, friendliness, and pleasant demeanor. Offering the highest quality experience, he has a thorough knowledge of the real estate sectors he serves.

Crédit photo : Ranjit Nijjar

#17. Bijan Barati | RE/MAX Realtron Bijan Barati Real Estate

North York, Ontario, CA

Honest and dedicated, Bijan has over 20 years of experience as a civil engineer, specifically in design, planning, construction, development, zoning, and legal issues. Highly successful, Bijan is the recipient of more than 15 awards for his outstanding performance.

Crédit photo : Bijan Barati

#18. Tav Schembri | RE/MAX Specialists Tavsells

Caledon, Ontario, CA

His aggressive and innovative marketing techniques are the reasons for his success. His 6 years of real estate sales experience and hard work have helped him achieve the number one ranking in Canada and the world. Tav is a highly-successful full service broker.

Crédit photo : Tav Schembri

#19. Sonia O. Tarabay | RE/MAX Elite

Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA

Her entrepreneurial spirit definitely translates into her work as a real estate broker. With her infectious smile and energy, Sonia strives to provide 5-star services. In addition to being part of the elite list of brokers, Sonia is involved in charitable organizations where she makes valuable contributions.

Crédit photo : Sonia O. Tarabay

#20. Ruby Thambiah | RE/MAX Realty Services

Brampton, Ontario, CA

Offering excellent services, her clients are unanimous in saying that she exceeds expectations. Emphasizing the huge difference between buying and selling a home, she creates a customized service to achieve success in every transaction.  

Crédit photo : Ruby Thambiah

#21. Vyncent Ledoux | RE/MAX Vision

Gatineau, Québec, CA

Accessible, experienced, and efficient, Vyncent has made the dreams of over 1100 clients come true beginning in 2014. Determined to take his career to the next level, he has carved out a very special place for himself in the Canadian roster. For him, every day represents an opportunity to make a difference in his clients’ lives and take on a new challenge. 

Crédit photo : Vyncent Ledoux

#22. Adam DeGroote | RE/MAX Twin City Realty

Brantford, Ontario, CA

With several Canadian and global awards to his credit, Adam recognizes the importance of staying on top of the latest trends and information in the real estate industry. His personal and professional experiences has placed him at the top tier of real estate brokers.

Crédit photo : Adam DeGroote

#23. Sunny Purewal | RE/MAX Realty Services

Brampton, Ontario, CA

His dedication and perseverance have helped thousands of families find their dream home in the Brampton area. Knowing the area like the back of his hand, he helps each client make the best decision. Warm, energetic, and professional, it is his hard work that has earned him numerous awards.

Crédit photo : Sunny Purewal

#24. Harbinder Brar | RE/MAX Realty Services

Brampton, Ontario, CA

A recipient of prestigious awards since 2011, Harbinder works hard to ensure his continued success. Previously associated with the Royal LePage banner, he continued his real estate success by joining RE/MAX in 2016.

Crédit photo : Harbinder Brar

#25. Manveer Dhindsa | RE/MAX Realty Services

Brampton, Ontario, CA

Proactive and diligent in his work, he has a very thorough knowledge of real estate and especially of the sector he specializes in.  Deeply motivated, he has been winning awards for several years, proving the quality of his services.

Crédit photo : Manveer Dhindsa

#26. Fatima Bregman | RE/MAX Hallmark Realty

Toronto, Ontario, CA

Originally from Mozambique, she has lived in Toronto most of her life. Her previous experiences in marketing and finance complement her position as a broker. She is honest and diligent, and places a high value on customer satisfaction.

Crédit photo : Fatima Bregman

#27. Dorothy Harrison | RE/MAX Hallmark First Group Realty

Ajax, Ontario, CA

Dorothy’s mission is to provide her clients with first class service, up-to-date information, the latest technology, and a seamless experience. With previous experience in interior design and finance, no detail is overlooked and no property is left unsold.

Crédit photo : Dorothy Harrison

#28. Ronni Lister | RE/MAX Ocean Pacific

Courtenay, British Columbia, CA

With numerous prestigious awards under her belt, there is no doubt that when you hire Ronni, you know who you are working with. Helping families since 2005, she recognizes the importance of understanding her clients’ needs. Honest, open-minded, and 100% accountable for her actions, no transaction is too difficult for her.

Crédit photo : Ronni Lister

#29. Michael Jawanda | RE/MAX Real Estate Centre, My Investment Brokers

Mississauga, Ontario, CA

Following the purchase of his first real estate investment, his passion for the industry grew. Self-taught, he is on the lookout for the latest trends to grow his personal portfolio. Coming from the financial sector, he is able to assist his clients and ensure successful transactions.

Crédit photo : Michael Jawanda

#30. Hunny Gawri | RE/MAX Real Estate Centre, My Investment Brokers

Mississauga, Ontario, CA

Involved in real estate since the age of 23, he has a wealth of experience in pre-construction, finance, student condos, commercial properties, as well as flip and renovations. As an entrepreneur with many hats, he has proven his top-notch skills. He has created a name for himself in the real estate industry.

Crédit photo : Hunny Gawri

#31. Gary Betts | RE/MAX Realty Specialists

Mississauga, Ontario, CA

For over 25 years, Gary has provided outstanding services to the Mississauga area. His success is based on his work philosophy. To achieve the best results, he makes sure to use all available resources. Out of more than 90,000 RE/MAX real estate brokers worldwide, Gary has made it to the top 50.

Crédit photo : Gary Betts

#32. Chuck Hogeterp | RE/MAX Escarpment Realty

Stoney Creek, Ontario, CA

Joining the ranks alongside his father, he has had the opportunity to admire and absorb his work ethics. Providing honest, professional, and exceptional service on every transaction, he always finds a solution that will meet his clients’ expectations.

Crédit photo : Chuck Hogeterp

#33. Alaa Yousif | RE/MAX Realty Specialists

Mississauga, Ontario, CA

Alaa proudly credits his success to his family, friends, and clients.  Actively involved in his community, he has sponsored numerous sports teams and contributed to charitable causes. Always providing exceptional services, Alaa has been winning awards and accolades since 2014.

Crédit photo : Alaa Yousif

#34. Mohit Dhingra | RE/MAX Crossroads Realty

Markham, Ontario, CA

Dedicated to his career, he makes it a point to provide the highest level of representation to each of his clients. With many years of experience in selling and buying properties, he has proven himself. Using all the information available on the market, he concludes each transaction in the best interest of his clients.

Crédit photo : Mohit Dhingra

#35. Anuja Kumarasamy | RE/MAX Realtron AD Team Realty

Scarborough, Ontario, CA

Tactful and persistent, Anuja is driven by results. Courteous, friendly, respectful, and professional, she delivers impeccable customer service. Previously a psychology graduate, she entered the brokerage industry in 2007. After more than 15 years of putting her expertise to good use to benefit her clients, she is now doing well in the luxury real estate market.

Crédit photo : Anuja Kumarasamy

#36. Alket Kulla | RE/MAX Eastern Realty

Peterborough, Ontario, CA

Emigrating from Albania in 1994, Alket settled in Peterborough. In 2004, he obtained his real estate license with RE/MAX. He makes sure to know everything about the sectors he serves. He feels blessed to be part of a community that supports and encourages him. His work has been rewarded on numerous occasions.

Crédit photo : Alket Kulla

#37. Michael Majeski | RE/MAX Specialists Majeski Group

Mississauga, Ontario, CA

For as long as he can remember, he has always wanted to be in the real estate industry. A true enthusiast, Michael describes himself as literally obsessed with transactions and developing a strategy to close the best deal possible. Unstoppable, no challenge is too great for him.

Crédit photo : Michael Majeski

#38. Manjinder Singh | RE/MAX Realty Specialists

Brampton, Ontario, CA

With many years of experience in buying and selling properties, Manjinder is dedicated to providing unparalleled service in the most challenging of real estate markets. With each transaction, he helps his clients position themselves to put their interests first. Due to the excellent quality of services, he has won excellence awards for nearly a decade.

Crédit photo : Manjinder Singh

#39. Albert Anthony Kantarjian | RE/MAX Capital Diamond Realty

Windsor, Ontario, CA

With over 15 years of real estate experience, Albert has provided outstanding services to over 3500 clients. Disciplined, professional, and dynamic, he makes it his duty to provide the best service. Passionate and efficient, his achievements speak for themselves. In fact, he has accumulated over $100,000,000 in sales.

Crédit photo : Albert Anthony Kantarjian

#40. Jennifer Clements | RE/MAX Realtron Turnkey Realty

Newmarket, Ontario, CA

Dynamic and community-oriented, Jennifer has a very direct approach to guiding her clients through each step. She does not miss a beat, making sure to get the best results with every transaction. She relies on referrals and is always happy to help people.

Crédit photo : Jennifer Clements

#41. Alina Lovin | RE/MAX Realty Solutions

Osoyoos, British Columbia, CA

Professional and honest, Alina makes it her duty to work hard until the transaction is completed to meet her clients’ expectations. Her straightforward and honest approach has earned her tremendous success and several professional recognitions. In the Okanagan region, she is definitely a broker who stands out.

Crédit photo : Alina Lovin

#42. Paul Cheng | RE/MAX Excel Realty

Markham, Ontario CA

Paul has been with the real estate network for over 30 years. He has an extensive knowledge of the local market and has developed a network of contacts that have helped him achieve mutually beneficial relationships.

Crédit photo : Paul Cheng

#43. Nicole Digalakis | RE/MAX All-Stars Realty

Toronto, Ontario, CA

Young and successful, Nicole has been featured in “Young and Guns” magazine since 2017 where the top brokers aged 35 and under were featured. Since then, she has received a string of awards that highlight the quality of her work.

Crédit photo : Nicolas Digalakis

#44. Michele Cummins | RE/MAX Little Oak Realty

Mission, British Columbia, CA

To get through the process with minimal stress and maximum satisfaction, Michele offers a winning step-by-step service. Her success is undoubtedly due to the strength of her customer service and the importance she places on perfecting her skills in this ever-changing market. She recognizes that in order to satisfy customers, all needs must be met.

Crédit photo : Michele Cummins

#45. Joe Saraceni | RE/MAX West Signature Realty

Toronto, Ontario, CA

Dedicated and hardworking, he is driven to deliver exceptional results. Having built his business organically, his sales history does not lie. Joe has contributed to the happiness of over 1000 families who have placed their trust in his hands. 

Crédit photo : Joa Saraceni

#46. Kam Novin | RE/MAX Imperial Realty

Markham, Ontario, CA

Formerly an inspector, his negotiation skills are impeccable. With an extensive network of professional contacts, Kam ensures that the buying and selling process for his customers is seamless.

Crédit photo : Kam Novin

#47. Marius Mitrofan | RE/MAX Prime Properties, Marius Mitrofan Group

Markham, Ontario, CA

Marius studies the needs of each of his clients to develop a strategy that is tailored to their needs.  With his enthusiastic, refreshing, and unique approach, he works to achieve goals by exceeding his clients’ expectations.

Crédit photo : Marius Mitrofan

#48. Bashar Badie Mahfooth | RE/MAX Realty One

Mississauga, Ontario, CA

Being number 1 in his agency, Bashar always provides superior real estate service. His professional recognitions are proof of his level of knowledge and expertise.

Crédit photo : Bashar Badie Mahfooth

#49. Joy Verde | RE/MAX Hallmark Joy Verde Group Realty

Toronto, Ontario, CA

One happy customer at a time is the foundation of her successful business. Based on referrals, she has extended her expertise for over 3 decades. Joy’s mission is to provide phenomenal, stress-free services that deliver results to meet her clients’ needs. Her dedication and perseverance has made her the number 1 broker in Toronto.

Crédit photo : Joy Verde

#50. Danielle Beitz | RE/MAX Hallmark Realty

Mississauga, Ontario, CA

Passionate about interior design and real estate, she does what she loves and does it well. That’s why she has become so successful. Her career goal has always been to build relationships, gain trust, be reliable, and get the job done. Motivated and a go-getter, there is no stopping her.

Crédit photo : Danielle Beitz

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