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Differentiating type of condominium co-ownership.

Divided vs Undivided Co-Ownership: What is the Difference?

14 juillet 2023,

Living in a condominium in Quebec can take different forms. Indeed, there are 2 main types of condominiums in the province which may not be clearly understood by [...]

Contract to purchase a house.

How does a real estate purchase agreement work?

12 juillet 2023,

Signing a real estate purchase agreement is a crucial and unavoidable step when buying or selling a property. This legal document defines the rights and responsibilities of [...]

Modern home trends in Quebec.

Interior Design Trends & House Plans of Modern Homes in Quebec

11 juillet 2023,

Whether in the vibrant urban neighborhoods of Montreal, the peaceful suburbs of Quebec City, or the quaint villages of the province, the architecture of the modern house [...]

Real estate market forecast for 2024 & 2025 in Quebec.

Real Estate Market Forecast for 2024-2025 in Quebec

10 juillet 2023,

Forecasts for the real estate market in Quebec continue to be talked about these days.With skyrocketing interest rates, a slowing market, and declining prices, it is difficult [...]

Know the top real estate brokers in Canada.

TOP 50 RE/MAX Real Estate Brokers in Canada in 2024

31 janvier 2023,

RE/MAX is a household name that needs no introduction. Ranked among the best real estate brokerages, it is the favorite of Canadian home buyers and sellers. With [...]

Downsizing your Home: Your best options and strategies for 2022

17 février 2022,

    There comes a time when downsizing your home seems like an attractive option but it is usually not until retirement when the idea really takes [...]

Calculate the rentability of an income property before investing your money

How to calculate the profitability of an income property – Method and calculation

2 octobre 2019,

Real estate rental has historically been one of the most profitable fields for investors. After all, everyone needs housing and the cost of living is increasing year [...]

A badly-planned flip project can cause a lot of stress and lose a lot of money so check out these 9 mistakes to avoid doing.

9 MAJOR MISTAKES to avoid during a real estate FLIP project

29 août 2019,

  We watch them have a blast on TV and it looks so easy! The reality, though, is something else. For the past few years, the number [...]

Investing in real estate could generate a great additional income for you and your family

Why investing in real estate can be the ideal investment for families to achieve financial independence

11 avril 2019,

It is the dream of many families to achieve financial independence before retirement age. Some of the most common life goals include being able to enjoy life [...]

The Bank of Canada’s benchmark rate has increased several times but mortgage rates in Canada remain low and stable

Mortgage Rates: Bank of Canada raises its key interest rate for the second time in 2018

7 février 2019,

On July 11, 2018, the Bank of Canada increased its benchmark interest rate for the second time in less than 6 months, from 1.25% to 1.5%! This [...]

Selling a house in Quebec presents two options, sell with DuPropio or take advantage of the expertise of a real estate agent or broker.

DuProprio sold to UK group for $51 million – Details and Analysis

24 janvier 2019,

It was a big surprise when Yellow Pages announced in July that it was bidding farewell to its subsidiary, DuProprio, after only 3 years from its acquisition. [...]

You can avoid hiring a bad real estate to sell your house with these tell-tale signs

Avoid bad real estate agents with these 7 tell-tale signs

21 janvier 2019,

In Canada, the majority of real estate transactions are represented by real estate agents. This indicates that most homebuyers and sellers prefer to have a real estate [...]

How can you make the best real estate decisions in Canada without losing any money ?

7 tips how not to lose money in real estate anymore

4 janvier 2019,

Many people get inspired by success stories in real estate and, not surprisingly, want to jump into the real estate bandwagon. It is true that real estate [...]

2022 best Quebec real estate brokers—Comparing 170 agents

23 octobre 2017,

The best real estate brokers in Quebec are INCREDIBLE but it’s not easy to find them   Commission Rate-Efficiency-Courtesy Try our dynamic form to compare the best [...]


Real estate agent VS Real estate broker : What is the difference ?

18 août 2017,

You will hear people talk about a real estate agent or broker in the same breath. Unfortunately, many of us think the two are the same so [...]


8 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Working with a Real Estate Agent

18 juillet 2017,

When you hire a real estate agent as a home buyer, you have certain expectations. In the same way, your real estate agent would have expectations from [...]

Why Real Estate Agents are more important than you Think

12 juillet 2017,

During these difficult times, most people look for ways to save on costs. In real estate transactions, a lot of home sellers would like to save on [...]


Compare Top 9 Real Estate Agencies in Quebec: Benefits, Rates, and Expertise

12 juin 2017,

Real estate agencies are companies that offer real estate services including sale, lease, and negotiation of real estate. In essence, a real estate agency connects individuals looking [...]

Century 21 Offers Superior Real Estate Services for Buying or Selling Properties

12 juin 2017,

Without a doubt, Century 21 is one of the biggest real estate agencies in all of Quebec.  It distinguished itself from its competitors by offering a diverse [...]

Via Capitale: Dynamic Real Estate Agency in Quebec

12 juin 2017,

Via Capitale has become a byword in real estate in Quebec.  Their attractive and customer-oriented real estate services have caught the attention of home buyers and sellers [...]

Benefits of comparing real estate agent

Top Benefits When You Compare Real Estate Agents

4 mai 2017,

How do home sellers and home buyers find a real estate agent? Most people would hire an agent from their circle of friends and relatives, someone referred [...]

Commercial Real Estate Agents and Their Services

3 mai 2017,

Commercial real estate is a specialized sector of the real estate market involving properties used for business purposes. Whether you are looking for a small store space [...]

2017 Real Estate Market Trends for Canadian Buyers and Sellers

28 février 2017,

Majority of home sellers and buyers worry about the real estate market. Will home prices go up in 2017 or will there be a decline in sales [...]

10 Secrets Real Estate Agents Never Tell You

15 février 2017,

Are you in the market for buying or selling a real estate property? Whether you invest in a home or sell a property, you surely want an [...]


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