Secrets to House Flipping in Quebec in 2022

8 février 2022,

  House flipping has become a lucrative project for many individuals who want to make real estate their method for building wealth. In fact, the interest is [...]

Steps to selling an inherited real estate property in Quebec successfully

Selling Inherited Real Estate Property in Quebec

8 février 2022,

    Many Quebecers inherit property every year. One of the most common actions taken regarding inherited real estate property is to sell it during the settlement [...]

Schedule visits with your tenants to make interviews with buyers positive and smooth.

How your tenants can help you sell your income property

27 septembre 2019,

When you are a real estate investor, you can sometimes forget the human aspect concerning your investment. After all, this is not the stock market. In real [...]

Decreasing property values in Quebec based on the recent municipal roll is not a reason for homeowners to panic

Lower prices for homes and condos in Quebec: not a reason to panic

12 avril 2019,

The latest municipal assessment for 2019-2020-2021 period reflected a downward trend in Quebec, according to the data collected by the Journal de Québec last week! Indeed, in [...]

Here are the top 5 signs why you should consider selling your house.

The 5 signs it is time to sell your home

27 février 2019,

  There comes a time when the thought of selling your house seems tempting.  Has the family home become too big now that the kids have moved [...]

Learn how to sell your house tax-free in Canada

How to sell your house tax-free in Canada

22 février 2019,

In Canada, a homeowner usually does not pay tax on any gains from the sale of a principal residence due to the principal residence exemption (PRE).  This [...]

Is it worth it to sell your house to retire.

Is selling your house for retirement worth it?

22 février 2019,

The kids have flown the coop and you and your spouse have the big family home to yourselves. The inevitable question is: “ Is it time to [...]

Sell your house fast with an experienced real estate agent by your side.

Guide to put your house on the market: sell fast!

28 janvier 2019,

If you are a homeowner who needs to sell your home fast, don’t worry. There is a very simple way you can ensure the successful sale of [...]

Selling a house in Gatineau can be tough if you don’t know the secret employed by the best home sellers.

Sellers of houses in Gatineau: Your competition steals all the best buyers … Here’s how to take advantage!

15 janvier 2019,

You have decided to sell your house in Gatineau. You have taken beautiful pictures, written a long, detailed, and dynamic description so everything is all set! You [...]

Get the Best Selling Price for Your Income Property – Sell with Experienced Real Estate Brokers

6 juin 2018,

Have you decided to sell an income property?  If you're like most real estate investors, you need to ask yourself what price should you offer for your [...]

Sell Fast with 57 Must-Haves Homebuyers Look for in 2022

29 janvier 2018,

Homeowners prefer not to upgrade before they sell their home. Since they are not expecting to stay in the home much longer and the cost of remodeling [...]

7 Reasons to Buy Before Selling your House

9 août 2017,

Confused about buying a new home first or selling the one you have? Many homeowners start to sell their home the minute they decide to buy a [...]

Find the best-selling neighborhoods to buy a home in Montreal

Best-Selling Neighborhoods for Buying a Home in Montreal

10 mai 2017,

Many Canadians are looking for affordable homes to buy.  The road to home ownership is stressful and overwhelming.  With a little help and careful planning, you can [...]

Steps for Successfully Selling a House

6 avril 2017,

In Canada, people decide to sell their houses for a variety of reasons. Some decide to sell as part of their retirement plan. Other people sell their [...]

15 Budget-friendly Ways to Prepare your House for Sale

20 mars 2017,

Every home seller wants their house to sell fast for top dollar.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen because of luck.  It is all about planning and preparing well [...]

Real Estate Agent Comissions Decoded

14 mars 2017,


10 Biggest Myths About Selling Your Home You Should Never Believe

23 février 2017,

  What is the secret to selling a house successfully? Chances are that if you ask 5 people who have sold a home in the past, you’ll [...]

10 Best Questions Every Home Seller Must Ask a Real Estate Agent

23 février 2017,

Find out the best agent for your project An experienced real estate agent can help sell your home at the best possible price. But not all agents [...]

FSBO vs. Hiring A Real Estate Agent: Which One Can Get $35,000 More For Your House?

21 février 2017,

You have decided to put up your property for sale and wonder what the best option is. Do you go the FSBO route or hire a real [...]

Is Your Real Estate Agent Doing a Great Job of Selling Your Home?

16 février 2017,

HOW TO TELL IF YOU HIRED A GOOD REAL ESTATE AGENT OR A BAD ONE You are selling your house and you hired a real estate agent [...]

Top 7 Common Mistakes of Home Sellers That You Must Avoid

16 février 2017,

  Selling one’s home is an emotional experience.  For the owner, it means letting go of a cherished property with a lifetime of memories. It is normal [...]

What Services Do You Get With Your Real Estate Agent’s Commission?

15 février 2017,

  THE TRUTH ABOUT REAL ESTATE AGENTS COMMISSIONS - ARE THEY WORTH PAYING?   For most home sellers, the biggest question on their mind is how much [...]


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